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Thank you for your help and assistant in helping to better improve their basic need, Education, Living Environment and Health of the people in Cambodia...

PAPA Cambodia is ready to launch 3 new projects: 

  • Save At Risk Children

  • Project Sponsorship

  • Corporate sponsorship

To make these projects possible, we need your help and assistant, volunteer in times, energies, morals, physicals and financial supports.  


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Helping Disadvantaged Children of Cambodia



Cambodia is a nation that is still recovering from the atrocities of genocide, war, mass starvation and a regime that devastated the country from 1975-1979. Approximately 33 percent of the population is under the age of 15, and many are impoverished or orphaned. Children roam the streets selling small items in the hopes of making enough money to eat and to help support their families.

PPC is a non-profit, non-governmental organization in Cambodia that provides home-care, nutritious meals, health-care, education and clothing to orphans and children living in conditions of poverty and social isolation. Any orphaned children that come under our care are placed in trusted families that we have links with and enrolled into one of schools.

There are many ways that you can help us help these children. One of the most common ways is by “donations” to provide food, shelter an education for them. You can also donate supplies, food and clothes .

Once we get a child settled into a family we can then introduce them into our schools system. Education in Cambodia is limited and expensive. The average monthly wage for a Cambodian worker is about $60 a month while it costs $370-$450 for a year to send a child to school. At PAC we believe that education is the key to empowering children to break the poverty cycle and to give them hope of a better and more productive life.

As a result of generous international donors PAPA is also able to supply housing for family who's living conditions are otherwise inadequate. Many families within the country of rural Cambodia live in housing that is significantly damaged to the pint of collapse, susceptable to unrepairable flood damage or unlivable small, with up to ten people living within a three meter squared shelter. The houses built by PAPA are stilted corrigation steel structures of 6 by 7 meters squared, whose internal living space is divided into two to three rooms. 

In these same communities, PAPA has contributed a number of toilet facilities and water pumps to families who otherwise have no access to clean water or basic hygiene. 

Furthermore, PAPA provides a number of private English schools in rural areas. Learning English, an essential skill in escaping from the poverty cycle, is unavailable at government schools. Therefore PAPA's English classes alternative between morning and afternoon class

O'Tortoeng Village, Phreah Dak Commune (Road to Banteay Srey Temple), Banteay Srey District, Siem Reap, Cambodia.

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T.: +855 (0)12 201 266 | +855 (0)97 2201 266 




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